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Pediatric Therapy

The Center

Our home office is located in Jackson, Missouri. However, we provide pediatric therapy services to children outside the center; whether that be your home, the child’s school or childcare setting.

If you decide to have your therapy done within the facility, either Robin (the center’s owner) or your child’s pediatric therapist will greet you upon arrival. We provide a family friendly environment with couches, toys, wifi and a TV while you wait for your child’s session to finish.

The Therapy

Prior to beginning your child’s pediatric therapy sessions, we will need a script for therapy from your child’s pediatrician or specialist physician. In addition, each child will need to undergo an initial assessment. If your child has had an assessment done with their school therapist or from another licensed therapist within 30 days, we can use that assessment to begin formulating our plan of action.

After the initial assessment, the first session is generally done with the parent and/or guardian(s) to review the plan. It is then when the frequency of sessions is decided upon. From that point on, you will schedule your appointments directly with your therapist.

During the sessions it is up to the parent and/or the therapist whether the parent would like to be a part of the sessions. Our goal is to provide the most comfortable and growth oriented environment as possible for our pediatric therapy patients.

The Therapists

We are fortunate to have 40 licensed therapists to help serve our pediatric therapy patients. Our therapists are all licensed in their fields and have undergone a background check. We have therapists who specialize in pediatric speech, occupational and physical therapy.

Get in touch

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